Felicitas Sloves, Handweaver

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Felicitas Sloves is a Dutch born weaver and award winning artist who has been weaving since 1980.  Her work has been exhibited in shows and galleries throughout the East Coast and the South.  Her handwoven fashion accessories have been featured in national publications including Handwoven and The Crafts Report, 500 Judaica, and on local television.  Felicitas is the 2006 recipient of the Handweavers Guild of America/Interweave Press Teach-It-Forward Grant awarded annually to an individual with an innovative weaving program.  Felicitas has received additional awards and recognition for her handweaving and most notably has been recognized for liturgical pieces for both Christian and Jewish worship.  She teaches weaving through Creative Aging Mid-South, a non-profit Memphis based agency offering art workshops and entertainment to the elderly. Her weaving classes are also offered through   The Center for Excellence at the Hutchison School in Memphis and at the Arkansas Craft School in Mountain View, AR. Felicitas also shows and sells her work at regional art venues, most notably WinterArts and Art2Wear.


The handwoven works of the artist are currently in the following collections.

Temple Israel, Memphis, TN

Goddard Chapel, Tufts University, Medford, MA

St. John’s United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN

The  clergy of  St. John’s United Methodist Church,  Memphis, TN

The clergy of The Church Health Center, Memphis, TN

The clergy of Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN

The clergy of Calvary Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN

The clergy of Temple Israel, Memphis, TN

3 Responses

  1. Hello–

    I wanted to let you know that Smith Alumna J. Courtney Sullivan has written a novel, COMMENCEMENT, and Smith is one of the main characters!

    I am including some wonderful advanced quotes we’ve already received along with some more information on COMMENCEMENT and on Courtney, below. You can also visit Courtney’s great website here, for more information: http://jcourtneysullivan.com/

    Best wishes,

    J. Courtney Sullivan’s work has appeared in The New York Times, New York, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Men’s Vogue, the New York Observer, Tango, and in the essay anthology The Secret Currency of Love. She is a graduate of Smith College, lives in Brooklyn, and works in the editorial department of The New York Times. Commencement is her first novel.

    “Take Mary McCarthy’s The Group, add a new feminist generation striving to understand everything from themselves and their mothers to the notion of masculinity that fuels sex trafficking, and you get this generous-hearted, brave first novel. Commencement makes clear that the feminist revolution is just beginning.” –Gloria Steinem

    “In the spirit of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep and Mary McCarthy’s The Group, J. Courtney Sullivan delivers an engrossing, multi-layered tale of women, friendship, and the fascinating institution of higher education that shapes and influences them. Commencement is the can’t-put-it-down novel that you will recommend to your best friends this summer.” –Elin Hilderbrand, author of Barefoot

  2. Dear Felicitas, I’m a graphic designer form Buenos Aires Argentina. My group is called El Fantasma de Heredia and we worked for the last 18 years on cultural and social causes only. I write to you to ask you for permission for using a photo of yours (muddy snickers) on an independient DVD cover about people from Bolivia that came to Argentina to make a better future. Would you be so kind in letting us use your image only for this purpouse? Of course I’ll put your name as credit!!! Please, answer me asap. THANKS in advance, anabella

  3. Felicitas,

    I am the current Administrator for the American Guild of Judaic Art and through a google serach this morning, I found this old website that we had previously supported that is still up: http://jewishart.org/memphisweaver/

    Unfortunately, I don’t see any membership activity for you in the last seven years since I have worked with the guild. Your tallits are absolutely breathtaking and we would love for you to be part of our new and improved website at http://www.jewishart.org. Each member receives a personal Artist Profile page that features their work, as well as images in the appropriate galleries of their choice.

    Membership information may be found at http://jewishart.org/join-american-guild-judaic-art/ or feel free to call me and I’d be happy to walk you through the process.

    A few highlights coming up this year for American Guild of Judaic Art members
    Also visit our website for more information about the guild.www.jewishart.org
    • Website – Our new website is proving itself very valuable with increased viewers and exposure for our members.
    • Opportunities for regional and national exhibitions. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art for an exhibition in 2017.
    • The guild (and thus our members) is receiving a great deal of publicity right now. We were featured on the cover of the Chicago Jewish News, and had articles in other Jewish newspapers across the country, including Atlanta Jewish Times and the Jewish Georgian. We have also launched a targeted, monthly MailChimp campaign to promote the guild and its individual members to a larger audience.
    • AGJA Online Exhibition – launching each March, coinciding with the guilds Jewish Arts Month.
    • Expanding social media – including Facebook, Linked in, and Blog
    • Jewish Arts Month, and the Online Student Mentoring Program
    • Continuing connections among our members and sharing important information
    • Compilation of resources for Festivals, Conferences, Conventions
    • Compilation of Guidelines for Licensing
    • Continuation of HIDDUR, quarterly email newsletter

    I hope to welcome you back to the guild very soon.

    Julie Braley, Administrator
    American Guild of Judaic Art
    135 Shaker Hollow, Alpharetta GA 30022
    office@jewishart.org or amguildjudaicart@gmail.com
    (404) 981-2308

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