Happy Blog Anniversary!

Four years ago today, I posted the very first entry to the MemphisWeaver blog and today there have been over 81,000 visitors to this site. I have heard from several of you the past few years  and I am happy to have so many creatives among my readers! Thank you for your support!

The WinterArts show will be coming to a close on Christmas Eve. This is the fourth holiday season for this artists’ consortium to show and sell their work in an upscale location. Our customers continue to come back and this year many have told us that this was the best show ever! Each year new artists are added, and the returning artists always bring new and fresh work in addition to the classics for which they are known.

And I continue to learn from each show. I am always inspired by my customers as to what direction to follow next. The four to five weeks of the show found me constantly at my loom or at the bookbinder’s bench to create new products to replace any sold inventory. And during this time, I was inspired to create a series of handwoven bucket bags that are part of a new series that I have dubbed “Tribal Bags”. Here are the three that are currently in WinterArts.

Handwoven tribal bucket back in goose eye pattern

Handwoven tribal bucket back in goose eye twill pattern

Handwoven tribal bucket bag woven in evenpoint twill

Handwoven tribal bucket bag woven in evenpoint twill pattern

Handwoven tribal bucket bag in goose eye twill pattern and muted colors

Handwoven tribal bucket bag in goose eye twill pattern and muted colors

The bags are 100% cotton with a cotton denim lining and a recycled jeans pocket insert. It’s soft and roomy and deep enough for lots of stuff! Come springtime I will be weaving these in brigher colors as well as pastels. And yes, there will be more shows coming this spring, and yes, I do plan to participate in them! Besides the bags I have some other projects brewing. There will be smaller pouches for your cell phones and sleeves for your tablets as well as narrower and lightweight fashion scarves for warmer weather. And I am still working on expanding that series of pendants and bracelets to give the pieces a more 3 dimensional look.

So there is lots of work ahead of me as I welcome 2013 and look forward to showing and selling new work. I wish each and everyone of you a joyous holiday season and best wishes for a healthy and creative new year in 2013!

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  1. Wow! I am officially in awe of your success! Congrats and have an awesome holiday!!!

  2. Hi MemphisWeaver! I was reading through some of your older blog posts & was wondering if you were still offering classes anywhere?

    • At this time the only local weaving classes I am teaching are through Creative Aging Mid-South which provides performances and workshops to seniors living in the community through senior day programs, assisted living centers and residential facilities. If you are interested in traveling for a workshop, however, I am teaching weaving classes at the Arkansas Craft School in Mountain View, AR. I will hold a week long rigid heddle weaving class there in mid August. They provide housing for students as well. If you are interested in inkle loom weaving, I am teaching a weekend class at the Craft School on May 18-19. More information is at http://arkansascraftschool.org

      I do not teach private classes at this time. I do not know of any other local weavers who teach rigid heddle weaving. There are other centers you can travel to for weaving classes, most notably, John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. http://folkschool.org and Appalachian Center for Craft. http://tntech.edu/craftcenter/ in Middle TN.

      I hope this helps! Good luck!

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