Chains of Woe

When my Volvo died some time ago, I inherited an ancient Ford Taurus from a family member.  It was gold, and I dubbed it “the old man’s car”.  So it was not a surprise that the Taurus took a vacation away from me and spent last week in the repair shop. Being marooned in my home based weaving studio allowed me to prepare a number of warps in anticipation of weaving lightweight summer scarves.

I was able to wind 5 warp chains of 5 yards each so that I could weave 2 scarves from each warp.

5 warp chains for scarves

5 warp chains for scarves

I use a warping reel to wind my warps.  I find that it goes a lot quicker than using a warping board, and there is less of a chance for error.  I also use “pony poppers” to wrap around the entire bundle of yarn before taking the warp off of the reel and before chaining.  Pony poppers are hair accessories that look like elastic bands with 2 beads attached.  They are used for holding pony tails for little girls.  Pony poppers are a lot easier to use for securing a warp than cutting and tying a bunch of choke ties out of junk yarn.  Definitely a time saver.

The scarves are wound from cotton, rayon or bambu yarns with a heavier cotton knitting yarn inserted every 1/2 inch in the warp. Those of you familiar with my previous posts, know that I am a fan of Bambu 7 yarn from Woodland Woolworks. It is soft, lustrous and drapes beautifully.  It is also available in different weights.

These warp chains will eventually make their way to one of my multi-harness floor looms.  My plan is to weave lightweight  scarves with the heavier knitting yarn providing some contrast in both color and texture.  The bright turquoise cotton and bambu warp will be the first to go on my loom. Stay tuned to follow the weaving progress of  these scarves and possibly other tales of woe about the old man’s car!


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